Revealing, unleashing these feelings
why am I always ignored...
All this emotion supressing...
depression takes over again...

I`m torn into pieces
no logics, no reasons
confusion from fusion
of feelings, illusions
I`m begging to find a fuckin solution!

I`m searching
seeking, blending emotionless
careless, consuming
volunteery measures
tearing the veil of my
subconscious pleasures

brutality! struggle!
on with the massacre!
tired of limits
and hanging on balances
outreaching states of mind
abnormal head rush
prepare for my destiny
the raging plague of love insanity

insomnia, headache
unstable soporific chemicals
burning surroundings
in digital warfare
typing obedience
i`ll obey it`s laws
as long as my mind is chained
i know u`ll be with me

Anger in pain(crowling and scratching)
sadness in rage(breaking, destroing)
the mark is a stain(my brain can`t last that long)
and now it won`t age(understanding inhumanity)
I`ll catch ur breath(adrenalin freezing)
and vent it away
I`m sorry, I`m not here to stay

Voice drown in blood...

03 Ное 2005 г.

Коментари: 4
deni_12 #1, 03 Ное 2005 г.
mnogo e dobro
Vicky #2, 04 Ное 2005 г.
Хорааа(и жени ),вервайте ми,като ви каам,че ще го гоним за автографи някой ден!!!
black_lady #3, 07 Ное 2005 г.
мдам, това е най-добре пишещото момче в сайта
Vicky #4, 08 Ное 2005 г.
А да знаеш как пее... Абе,навита съм за фенклуба