let me scratch your name on my fate
let me throw my mind away
and see the bitter or the sweeter
that my life can achieve

let me hold u very close
or just push me off your way
choose the right thing for me
couse i`m desperated since
that look fell upon me
that glittering glance
and that jail has taken over
and my heart`s no longer free

there is no way in the world
that i can break my self from chains
becouse that is what i wanted
to find my sense in all these things
there`s no jelousy or dishonor
it`s all pure and i can tell
that if u really wanted something
i would pass through hell for it

and when i fall on my knees
and raise my hands with my gift
if u take it and smile on me
i will know it means something
and i will try and try harder
just to please your wish
so u can smile again on me
and i`ll know i`ve died for a worthy thing

i will swim the highest mountain
and i`ll walk over this lake
and if i heavn`t won your heart yet
i`ll just keep tryin `till my end

03 Ное 2005 г.

Коментари: 3
deni_12 #1, 03 Ное 2005 г.
leleee porednoto angliisko-nqmam dumi osven bravo
teen_kote #2, 03 Ное 2005 г.
super e 4e e na angliiski tyi e lubimiq mi ezik pozdravleniq qkou e
black_lady #3, 07 Ное 2005 г.
разтърсващ финал невероятно е! толкова истинско и толкова красиво!